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Integrated Performance Solutions

Powerway® Suite 2000™ is a total software solution for automating your organization’s paper-intensive processes. Consisting of 16 software modules and the Powerway Desktop command center, Powerway Suite 2000 helps your engineering, quality and manufacturing teams comply with international business standards and overcome problems caused by a lack of collaboration.

Powerway Desktop

Your gateway to each of the software modules within Powerway Suite 2000 is Powerway Desktop, a common environment that is the command center for your document control system.

Powerway Document Control

Provides complete management and control of business-critical documents throughout their lifecycles to ensure that everyone has the right document at the right time. Allows for access control, version control and electronic approval routing and mark-up.

· Powerway Document Manager · Powerway Intranet Publisher · Powerway Number Dispenser

Powerway Engineering Advantage

Helps engineering design quality into products and processes by streamlining advanced quality planning, configuration management, and records management to promote early identification of required changes, to avoid late changes, and to communicate critical information to everyone involved in achieving customer satisfaction. Includes paperless Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) and Production Part Approval Process (PPAP).

· Powerway Quality Planner

· Powerway Configuration Manager

· Powerway Engineering Viewer


Powerway Quality Solutions

An integrated quality management solution that automates critical but labor-intensive activities to improve compliance management and continuous improvement programs.

· Powerway Assessor
· Powerway Audit Manager
· Powerway Policy Writer
· Powerway Procedure Writer
· Powerway Instruction Writer
· Powerway Corrective Action
· Powerway Gage Manager

Powerway Factory Floor Performance

Provides real-time Statistical Process Control (SPC) for defect prevention and reduced scrap, rework, and process variation.

· Powerway SPC Administrator
· Powerway SPC Operator
· Powerway SPC Examiner

Enhanced Performance for Your Organization

Together, the software modules in Powerway Suite 2000 provide a complete solution for your document, data and process needs.

The real strength of Powerway Suite 2000 is enhanced performance throughout your organization.

Powerway Desktop

The Desktop is the core of the Powerway document management system. While each of the Powerway modules focuses on a particular type of business document, the Desktop is the command center that brings all of those documents, as well as non-Powerway documents (word processing, spreadsheets and CAD drawings, etc.), together into one location for easy access and viewing. User-friendly and affordable, Powerway Desktop can be deployed on every PC in your organization, providing everyone with controlled access to business-critical documents. Users can view documents, participate in electronic approval routes, and receive notification of new revisions to documents that affect them — all without needing any other Powerway products installed on their workstation.

Document Control

Powerway Document Control products provide complete management and control of business-critical documents throughout their lifecycles to ensure that everyone has the right document at the right time. The software also allows for access control, version control and electronic approval routing and mark-up, integrated viewing without the native application, and intranet publishing.

Document Manager

Powerful and flexible, Powerway Document Manager automates many of the aspects of document

control necessary to comply with your business standards and Document Control requirements. It offers secure document and data control, complete document revision history, a distinct audit trail for each document, and integrates seamlessly with Powerway Desktop for convenient document access across the enterprise — all to help you reduce time to compliance.

Intranet Publisher

Powerway Intranet Publisher solves the two biggest problems with corporate intranet site: 1.

Converting, indexing, and maintaining the registration and expiration of all business critical documentation; and 2. providing human resources to perform these tasks. Powerway Intranet Publisher automatically publishes, maintains, and expires registered documentation from the corporate document management system to the company intranet.

Number Dispenser

Powerway Number Dispenser enables you to create, control, manage, track, report, and use preset

number lists for numbering schemes like document numbers, work order numbers, drawing numbers, or purchase order numbers.

Engineering Advantage

These powerful applications help engineering design quality into products and processes by streamlining advanced quality planning, configuration management, and records management to promote early identification of required changes, avoid late changes, and communicate critical information to everyone involved in customer satisfaction.

Quality Planner

Powerway Quality Planner helps you create and manage documents throughout the entire APQP

process. It simplifies the creation and control of documents such as the Control Plan, Process & Design FMEAs, and others for the PPAP submission. It also includes document creation components used to generate such documents as Gage R&R Studies, Capability Studies, Process and Setup Instructions, Inspections and can interface with Corrective Action.

Configuration Manager

Powerway Configuration Manager allows for the graphic creation of Bill-of-Material (BOM) data into

“objects”, each representing the various parts or assemblies that make up a product. This unique concept of BOM objects allows for a graphical modeling of the product life cycle, and allows you to navigate through documents or part records based on product properties or with a part-centric approach. You get product knowledge and access to support documents and drawings.

Engineering Viewer

Powerway Engineering Viewer is a product licensed to enable printing, viewing, and marking up CAD/CAM or engineering drawings with vector-based file formats that expands Powerway Desktop product’s viewing capability to approximately 200 file formats.

Quality Solutions

An integrated quality management solution that automates critical but labor-intensive activities to improve compliance management and continuous improvement programs.


Powerway Assessor is used to perform initial assessments of your quality system and to produce reports

— including a GAP Analysis — to reveal your company’s quality system status and improvement over time. Assessor presents a number of questions (based on your Template Pack), organized by system element, that resemble the questions asked by lead assessors during an actual audit, along with assistance to interpret the questions. Your responses are recorded, scored, and retained by the system for further reporting and analysis.

Audit Manager

Powerway Audit Manager automates the internal audit process from planning and scheduling through

reporting. It simplifies the audit creation process by allowing auditors to create and configure checklist questions by department, product, or process specific to scheduled audit needs. Audit packages — consisting of checklist questions, related procedures, and audit information — are easily created and printed for complete audit information.

Policy Writer

Powerway Policy Writer helps you create a first draft policy manual in minutes! This tool comes

with a pre-structured, pre-formatted document architecture (again - based on your chosen Template Pack), complete with the requirements that enable you to author a compliant system manual.

Procedure Writer

Powerway Procedure Writer helps you write your Level II system procedures in a pre-structured,

pre-formatted document architecture. With sample procedures and a wizard-style interface, you can develop clear, simple, and concise procedures that are structurally sound and professionally formatted.

Instruction Writer

Powerway Instruction Writer helps you create and maintain your Level III operator work

instructions. It provides the structure and format for instruction documents, so you can focus on

entering content. It also presents text, flow diagrams and a pictorial view of your instructions!

Gage Manager

Powerway Gage Manager automates crucial activities associated with the tracking, calibration, and

study of measurement instrumentation in a manufacturing and/or laboratory enterprise. Gage

Manager accesses Powerway’s core document control technology through the Powerway Desktop™. This comprehensive Desktop integration enables Gage Manager to recognize and coordinate activities between companion applications such as Powerway Quality Planner (APQP) and Powerway Instruction Writer.

Corrective Action

Powerway Corrective Action manages the internal corrective action process — from nonconformance

reporting, to verification, to reporting at management review meetings — with complete traceability. It simplifies the requirements of Corrective and Preventive Action by allowing you to generate nonconformance reports and issue Corrective Action Requests (CARs) to the appropriate personnel.

Template Packs

Powerway Template Packs provide you with valuable, content-rich samples which compress the time it takes to assess, document, and audit business management systems including ISO 9000, QS-9000, the Tooling & Equipment Supplement (TE-9000) and ISO 14000. The Template Packs were developed by teams of RAB certified auditors with the ISO 14001 content developed by International Quality & Environmental Services (IQuES), LLC, a leading provider of training and consulting for Environmental Management Systems worldwide. The Template Packs, together with Powerway applications, can jump-start the implementation process while saving you months of time and providing guidance interpreting the standards.

Factory Floor Performance

Provides real-time statistical process control (SPC) for defect prevention and reduced scrap, rework, and process variation.

SPC Administrator

Powerway SPC Administrator encompasses all the features and functions associated with setting up and administering an SPC system.

SPC Operator

Powerway SPC Operator is the data collection module. It’s where users enter data for products configured in the SPC Administrator module. Powerway SPC Operator offers three presentations of the data entry screen so that you can choose one that best fits your data collection preferences. The view of the data entry screen is configured by workstation in SPC Administrator. As you enter data, SPC Operator instantaneously analyzes it in terms of configurable Shewhart statistical tests, compiles commonly used statistics and displays the information on charts and information screens for SPC Operator users to view. You can collect data manually via the keyboard or from gages or files. Then you can associate information such as assignable causes, traceability data, and comments with characteristic data.

SPC Examiner

Powerway SPC Examiner encompasses viewing and analytical functions. It is geared toward supervisors and personnel who want to view data on charts and reports. You can see the charts and statistics generated as users at other workstations record data in SPC Operator. Subgroup data that

fails any of the statistical tests is highlighted on these charts so you can immediately recognize out-of-control processes and take steps to correct them. You can also view charts and generate reports for historical data. Alarms provide you with a snapshot of the overall status of characteristic and process data according to logical groups of products, processes, or locations.


Powerway software is available in a Personal Edition, for use on individual PC’s, or a Group Edition for sharing data and documents running on your company’s network. It has been tested to assure reliable operation on the following workstations: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Windows 2000(SP2), NT Workstation 4.0(SP6A), Windows 98, and on the following servers: Microsoft Windows 2000 Server(SP2), Windows NT 4.0 Server(SP6A). Powerway software will not run on Windows 3.1x, Windows for Workgroups 3.11 or Windows emulation systems which run on OS/2, UNIX or Macintosh computers.

Powerway Suite 2000 is supported for Windows Terminal Server with the following conditions: Citrix Metaframe

1.8 is required when using Windows NT Terminal Server, Citrix Metaframe is optional for Windows 2000 Terminal Server.

System Architecture

Powerway networked products are designed around a two-tier Client/Server architecture and Structured Query Language (SQL) Relational Database technology. In this system, the client PC runs the Powerway application and a network-based database server runs a SQL-compatible Database engine which accesses the shared database.

Coordination with your in-house computer system specialists is essential for proper installation and maintenance of database engines and document control technology. Systems using Terminal Server may require specific technical knowledge to implement. You may need specialized on-site implementation services from Powerway or your local database or network systems specialist.

Database Support

Powerway Desktop Group Edition is shipped with a Sybase Adaptive Server Anywhere 7.03 database. While Powerway does not resell any other database software platforms, our products are tested to assure compatibility with Oracle Server and Microsoft SQL Server.



& Version


NT Server


Sybase ASA 7.03 Supported Supported
MS SQL 7.0(SP2) Supported Supported
MS SQL 2000(SP2) Supported Supported
Oracle 8.0, 8i(8.1.7) Supported Supported

**We no longer support peer-to-peer networks.**

Server Sizing

The proper sizing of database servers, file servers and terminal servers depends on many factors. It is difficult for Powerway to provide a single rule-of-thumb guideline for server sizing which would cover all possible situations.

We highly recommend that you contact our Technical Support Specialists before purchasing or upgrading ANY server equipment.

Recommended Sybase Adaptive Server Anywhere database server platforms is a 500Mhz computer, 128 MB RAM, 20 GB hard drive and 800x600 video. File server hard disk and RAM sizing is based on the number of documents, average document size and number of revisions being saved. Processor speed is dependent on the number of users and other services running. Servers which perform more than one of the above tasks, or additional non-Powerway related services, must be sized to handle the combined RAM, processor, network and hard disk requirements.

Windows Terminal Servers

Powerway applications can be run using Windows Terminal Server. We recommend that, whenever possible, terminal servers are not used for any other network functions such as file or printing services or database engine support. Terminal server processor power and RAM sizing is based on number of users sharing each server and the number and size of the applications being used.

Client Sizing

Recommended client platform for all Powerway applications is a 500Mhz computer with 500MB free hard disk space, 128 MB RAM and 800x600, 256 color video. A faster processor will always provide better responsiveness and higher levels of productivity in business environments. Additional RAM will usually improve system performance especially if you are running multiple applications simultaneously.

Hard Disk Requirements

Because each product has different requirements, you should consult a Powerway Sales Representative to determine the amount of disk space necessary for the products you plan to purchase.


Powerway makes every attempt to provide support as shown; however, in the event an OS or database provider no longer supports a version or service pack of their individual products, limited Powerway support is available.

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